Free Range Chickens


We've kept chickens for 10 yrs....

They free range, with our flock of guineas ( and sometimes other critters too ;-),  and

 provide us with all the fresh eggs we can find ;-)

  we have quite a variety of breeds... Ariel  and Tirzah call them their "collection"...

Ariel sells the surplus eggs to friends, neighbors and the occasional passerby..... 


Pastured Poultry

Last year,  Ariel and John helped Tirzah raise several batches of broilers for the freezer.... This year she's got

 orders to fill :-)   We start the chicks out in a  rabbit cage, to protect them from predators, then move them daily

 with fresh grass, water and plenty of fresh grains and forage... they finish out in a portable pen with lots of

 fresh air, sunshine and none of the hormones, antibiotics, or other ickies in some store bought chicken... 

Sardis and Tirzah help John with the butchering, and everyone agrees they are the best tasting chickens around! :-) 



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