Lamb'z Own Micah

twin ram 

born moorit actually dark fawn 

actually light grey with reddish tips, 

a darker gray dorsal stripe, and darker ring around neck,

 but not well defined... brown face and legs probably musket

probable color genotype :  Ag/A?  Bb/Bb SS/Ss

semi double coated, soft, dense,loose crimp

Sire:  Lofty Pine Grey - registered fawn actually musket

Dam:  Lofty Pine Little Funny Face registered fawn actually musket

bred by Lamb'z Own Shetlands


birth fleece      18 wks


    11 months  mic11mo.jpg (38399 bytes)

bucketmic.jpg (61265 bytes)   

see Micah after shearing here

As a two year old:

  MicahHead.jpg (31392 bytes)