Lofty Pine Little Funny Face    S4086

aka : Eve

registered fawn ... 

actually a light cream with gray hairs throughout 

single ewe born : 4/1/96

probable color genotype: Ag/Aa Bb/Bb SS/Ss

Sire: Limnaki Yla  registered moorit

Dam:  Limnaki Morag   

bred by Deb Yeagle Lofty Pine Shetlands 

Dam to: 

Shaka Zulu by unknown Jacob ram -1998

Lamb'z Own Lucia by Adam- 1999

Lamb'z Own Masada by Adam - 1999

Lamb'z Own Micah by Adam - 2000

Lamb'z Own Joshua by Adam - 2000

Lamb'z Own Mary by Patch-2001

Lamb'z Own Martha by Patch -2001

Lamb'z Own Alistair by Doby - 2002

Lamb'z Own Bronwyn by Doby - 2002

 will be bred to Independence 

for spring 2003 lambs