Lofty Pine Shekinah Glory  S 6282

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registered fawn - light brown face and legs... changes w/ the seasons...

has faded to almost white all over with light gray patch down her back

was spotted at birth and carries spotting gene 

 probable color genotype:  Ag/Aa  Bb/Bb Ss/Ss

twin ewe born : 3/19/98

Sire: Limnaki Yla         registered moorit

Dam:  Limnaki Morag        musket

bred by Deb Yeagle Lofty Pine Shetlands 

Dam to:

single ewe lamb still born 1999

Lamb'z Own Rachel by Adam - 2000

Lamb'z Own Ransom by Adam - 2000

Lamb'z Own Moses by Patch  - 2001

Lamb'z Own Aaron by Patch -2001

Lamb'z Own Leah by Independence - 2002

Lamb'z Own Jericho by Independence - 2002


Leah and Jericho

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We lost Shekinah to Enterotoxemia this fall...:-(   

we are grateful to have her offspring to carry on her lines....