Rarebriar Daphne S4994

registered moorit actually more like the fawn on the color chart 

(or the color of Crayola's Tumbleweed if you compare yarn to crayon ;-))

single ewe born : 5/15/96

probable color genotype: Aa/Aa Bb/Bb SS/SS

Sire: Rarebriar Hollis -  light grey

Dam: Rarebriar Neptune - dark moorit   

bred by Mary and Guy Gehling

Dam to: 

twins every year including.....

 Winter Sky Cinnabar by Mtn Niche Palladin -1998 

but triplets since she's been here! :-)

Lamb'z Own Marcellus by Patch - 2001

Lamb'z Own Diana by Patch - 2001

Lamb'z Own Tria by Patch - 2001

 Lamb'z Own Gloria by Fergus - 2002

Lamb'z Own Iesus by Fergus - 2002


bred to Vine for spring 2003 lambs