For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife ... -Mark 10:7

Joseph J. H. Yoder


Marion Constance Gunther

September 27, 2003
Mennonite Christian Assembly
Fredericksburg, Ohio




Dear family and friends....

We are so grateful that you are here to share this day with us. Grateful, and in awe.
We praise God that He has allowed you to be here with us. Each one of you have had some influence on the people that we have become. Youíve been the ones that have raised us, encouraged us and loved us. Truly your presence in our lives has been the greatest gift we will receive today. Our God has called us to take His covenants seriously, and today, as you witness our wedding, we ask that you would continue to pray for our marriage. We have tried to follow a biblical model in our betrothal, courtship, and in planning our ceremony as well, so you may see some things that seem less than traditional. We want our traditions to have basis in the truth of Godís Word, and hope that our marriage will be also patterned after the ultimate marriage, that of our Lord Jesus Christ, to his bride the Church. To God be the Glory Ė Marion and Joseph




Special thanks to all the people who have blessed us with their servant's hearts and hands...

Cooks: Junior and Janet Eicher

    Joel and Ellen Witmer

Parking Attendants: Herman Irias, Matt Weaver,

    Reuben Troyer

Gift Receivers: David Jay Yoder, Alyssa Yoder,

    Bryan Yoder

Decorations and Flowers: Rachel Justice,

     Abigail Justice, Tabitha Justice, Faith Rader Dolores Brogdon

Program Attendants: Aaron and Isaac Yoder

Guest Registrars: Lois Yoder and Renata DeWeese

Ushers: Noah and John Henry Yoder, Anthony and Robert Sax

Reception and Wedding Coordinators: Ellis and Twila Miller,

    Les and Lori Miller

Cake: Judy Reed and Ariel Gunther

General all purpose helpers : Alma Yoder, Katie Yoder,

    Miriam Yoder, Judy Reed, Mervin and Esther Eash,

    Patty Forbes, Hanna Studer


Scripture Reading: Jim DeWeese

Pianist: Julia Havener

Flautist: Julie Havener

Soloist: Bobby Wesner

Shofar: Dwight Miller

Pastors: Kyle Robbins - Providence Church

Wayne Weaver - Crossroads Mission Church

Duet: Debbie Key and Renata DeWeese

Chorus: Michael and Julie Havener, and their

    children, Julia, Jonathan, Emily, David, Peter,

    Ethan, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Hannah


Buffet Servers: Kristen and Tess Hamilton,

    Sarah and Elizabeth Garcia, Natalie and Nicole


Table Servers: Garth Schrock and Angie Eash, Earl Eash

    and Ruby Yoder, Johnny Miller and Amy Schlabach, Gary

    Schrock and Monica Weaver

Bridal Servers: Dalen and Rhonda Schlabach, Mary Miller,

    Verba Miller, Esther Yoder, Sarah Yoder


Maid of Honor : Ariel Gunther

Bridesmaids: Alma Yoder, Katie Yoder, Miriam Yoder

Flower Girl: Tirzah Gunther

Ring Bearer : Sardis Gunther

Best Man : Kevin Schrock

Groomsmen: John Gunther, David Yoder, Jacob Yoder

Parents of the Bride: David and Rachel Gunther

Parents of the Groom: Mary Yoder and the late John Henry J. Yoder


 Background music  - White as Snow
"Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." (Isaiah 1:18)