J- Mar's  Clansy 

JSBA Registry # B028-02


  Sire:  Spahr Farm Duke  JSBA Registry#B212-97  

  Dam: Unique Kedesh JSBA Registry# A108-93  

Clansy is a triplet  Jacob ram  born 3/23/99

His fleece is  crimpy, fine and very soft... he has no kempy hair whatsoever... we love the proportions of black to white in his fleece, and his horns are awesome... unfortunately, as the picture shows, he lost his one top horn doing what rams do...:-( He does seem to throw awesome sets of 4 horns, so we  have high hopes that he will give us some little 4 horns...:-)  Clansy came  to us from Heather Hettick's Moonstruck Farm.